Tuesday, March 06, 2007

In Praise of: The Return of Jack Knight, Starman

This little tidbit came from the DC Comics WonderCon panel:

James Robinson does have a story in mind for more Jack Knight stories, and the door is open, Didio said, now, schedules just need to match up.

Amazing news to me. Starman is the Great American Comic Book from the 1990s, and deserves all the acclaim that it can muster. DC knows this, and has done a wonderful job of keeping the trades in print so that just about anyone can jump on board this wonderful series.

Jack Knight's personal journey, and his comic book journey, have plenty of meaning to me, and so I revisit them, both journeys, reasonably often. Especially the first 50 or so issues. tony Harris made his name and his career on this book, and so its easy to overlook the stylistic oddities of the early issues knowing the marvelous art that is to come.

I respect Jack's decision to move on, and appreciate the end of the series because it has just that: an end. His property, legacy as a character, is not diminshed one iota over the last 10 years. Should James have another story in mind, all I can say is this: pick the artist with care. I had a difficult time with Peter Snejbjerg, and would not want to go there again. Tony, you got room in the schedule to do one more run at this?


notintheface said...

And have him leave EX MACHINA? Bite your tongue!!!

How about J.H. Williams or Gene Ha? Chris Sprouse might work, too.

inkdestroyedmybrush said...

Love ex machina, but I would take any of those others as well. Just want an artist who knows how to do the quiet as well as the loud!

Sprouse with a good inker. I prefer al gordon on him rather than karl story.

JH with mick gray inking would be nice, but JH is great all on his own as well.