Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Oh Yes, Proof that I Was There Then... Love and Rockets #17

Our friends over at Sequart, well, specifically Marc Sobel, have been going issue by issue with the original Love and Rockets series, recapping and commenting on the ground breaking work by the bros hernandez.

No fight from me here on the work that Marc is doing. Its great stuff. And I appreciate that here he breaks out this 3 favorite quotes from that issue's letters page.

Re: Love & Rockets #17

"One of Jaime's strengths is his ability to sketch his characters just enough so that we delight in their interplay because we know them as our friends, but not so fully that we know them too well. If possible they are not just barrio archetypes, but more human personalities that we see around us, that we date, that we sleep with, that we shun."

- Charles Yoakum, on Jaime's Locas.

Yes, that is your faithful writer, still in college when he wrote that letter, and still exhibiting the need for a good copy editor. I appreciate that Marc pulled it out and put it up on the site. I am proud to have been reading way back when. My first L&R issue was #5.

For my money, Palomar and Locas are, collected separately, the greatest Graphic Novels that this medium has ever seen.

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