Monday, December 03, 2007

All Hail, ROM - Greatest of the Spaceknights

Finished my piece for Floating World Comics in Portland. SPACEKNIGHT - A tribute to Bill Mantlo is coming up on December 6th, and since all the artwork will be auctioned to raise money for Bill's care, if you're in the Portland area, you should go. Floating World is at 20 NW 5th Ave,

I won't be there, but this piece will be, along with a hundred others, so go and have fun and bid generously on some of the artwork. Props to Bill and Sal Buscema for taking a shitty '70's failure of a toy and making it something that people genuinely loved and remembered. That, my friends, is talent.


Tim Perkins said...

Beautiful piece of Artwork, Charles, mate...and for a great cause too!!!

Be Well and Have Fun!

Best Wishes,

Sweattshop Graphics said...

Great work, Rom is one of my favorites.
I miss Sal Buscema too.

inkdestroyedmybrush said...

thanks for the kind words. what is kinda cool is that the person who won it on ebay scanned it and has it up in their gallery! I sometimes wonder when some of the old con sketches and other stuff will show up there.