Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Carnival: The Human Hourglass

Since i've gotten such enthusiastic responses over the first panel that I posted two days ago, I wanted to update everyone on how it all comes together.

You were warned.

I guess that you could and should file this under "process", for what its worth, but as I finish pencilling page 3, I've decided to wait on the inking until I've gotten more than a few of the pages in the fully pencilled stage.

The inking is the fun part. so is putting on the lettering, since then, to me, it becomes something more than just drawings. it truly becomes a comic when you can read the damn thing.

Its true, I hate pages without the lettering on them. The old Valiant pages would drive me insane since you couldn't see where the balloons were going to go, you couldn't read them afterwards, it just ruined it for me. I love my '70's artwork that has those great Marvel word balloons wiht the big lettering. Its fun to simply marvel at.

It also makes sense to know where the placement is. Simple reason: white word balloons count as positive space, and they can compliment or completely screw up the flow of your page as an artist. you're busy spotting blacks on the page to help lead the eye through the panels, and to have that level of storytelling taken away is a mistake.

I know, bitch, bitch, bitch.

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