Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Correction to the Top 5: Swamp Thing #27

Upon further review, I have to take away the Avengers #162 and put, in its place, The Saga of the Swamp Thing #27 and i have to list the reasons why: Etrigan the rhymer, Alan Fucking Moore, Abby Arcane, the dead-but we didn't know it yet Matt Cable, Steve Bissette, Alan Fucking Moore, "Momee needent know", "Evil, though grown small, still has a taste all its own.", John totleben, the Norfulthing, Alan Fucking Moore.

Soon we would be down amongst the dead men. And so would Abby, she just didn't know it yet. But Etrigan tried to warn her.

Alan Fucking Moore.


Mike Schau said...

If you have some thing agains Mr. Moore, just come out and say it!
Yeah if any one is responsible for killing the "hero" in superhero,it is that bastard. I hope Watchmen bobms.
Mike in FL

inkdestroyedmybrush said...

Mike - man, ouch. Sorry that you disagreed with the choice so much. I do think that Alan has an amazing body of work, and may be one of the best, if not the best, writer the medium has ever seen. This run on Swamp thing was a revelation.

That being said, I don't believe for a minute that everything he has done is gold. I was bored with lost girls, and really disliked the Killing Joke, which i've posted on before.

Maybe you're cool with my other 4 choices then?

Dan said...

Yeah, 100% agreed - that's an OUTSTANDING issue in an outstanding run.

Dan said...

Also, I promised you this so long ago you've probably forgotten.

Sorry to be so slow on the follow up!

inkdestroyedmybrush said...

dan - thanks for the link to the "Starlinverse" quote! Very cool. And glad you like my choice on the Swamp Thing issue.

only 5? Man, that was rough....

Mike Schau said...

Swamp Thing yes. Just that I hate what that way to the leftie has irrepairably done to the Hero concept. I could go on but it is your blog.
Oh yeah I actually like the Killing Joke, just for the last few panels where they both laughed. Priceless.