Friday, February 06, 2009

In Memory: 5 for Jack Kirby

My answers to Tom Spurgeon's request for the top 5 Kirby Issues -

(You might wish to read my blog post on the dinner after the NYC con where all the Defiant crew, Shooter, Alan Weiss, myself, and others raised our glasses in honor of Jack. Its one of my favorite memories, and worth reading if you've not found it on the blog before).

On to the comics -

Fantastic Four #51

Thor #156

The Demon #1

Challengers of the Unknown #7

Fantastic Four #25

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Tim Perkins said...

Hi Charles,

Wow, I struggled last year with a top 50 Jack Kirby comics on my Blog, in answer to the Kirby Five-Oh book release.

A top five!!!???

I love your choices.

Now I'll have to think about mine...

Included in there for me would have to be Himon and The Pact.

Hmmm, I'll have to have a think.

Hope all is going well.

Please drop me a line soon on the normal email.