Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Project! TIMEBOMB by Palmiotti, Gulacy and Yoakum

Hey there folks, wanted to let you know that I'm hard at work on 20 pages of TIMEBOMB, a new three issue series for Radical Comics. Here is the press release:

From comic superstar Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray comes a time travelling adventure!

A group of international scientists and archaeologists on a publicly funded dig discover a hidden city beneath the streets of Berlin. Constructed as a failsafe option for the Nazi party should they lose the war, the city is also home to Hitler’s ultimate doomsday weapon- an Omega bomb designed to wipe out the human race- and it’s just been activated. Now, crews of scientists with state-of-the-art weapons and equipment must travel back in time to 24 hours before the disaster to stop the bomb from going off. However, they soon discover that, rather than going back in time for 24 hours as intended, they’ve been sent back 65 years to the height of Hitler’s Germany.

Please note that I do not resemble a "comic book superstar", but i have played one on TV.

Can't show you any artwork yet, but its cool stuff, and I'll be curious to see what the pages look like with the full process color that Radical uses. More updates as the project moves along!


Kid Sis said...


Would they be interested in Pistoleras?

Alex Sheikman said...

Congratulations :)

Tim Perkins said...

Congratulations, mate!!!
Can't wait to see some of the artwork.


Charles, this is one book I'll be looking for!
You are one of the (so) few who can ink Gulacy well. That itself speaks volumes as to your skill with a (destroyed) brush!

That is fantastic. I can only imagine what it's like to work on some of these cool comics with some the best people in the biz...How intimidating was it the first time you inked Paul Gulacy? How is it now? I'd be nervous as hell! But you surely needn't be.
All the best!

inkdestroyedmybrush said...

Apocolyte and everyone - thanks for the kind wishes. I'm really happy with how it is all turning out, so i hope that you'll all like the book when it hits the stands. Given how much Paul's work has influenced my own art, I feel good about hearing that people like my inks on his pencils. I've tried to capture, for the print version, just what it is i love about his work so that everyone one else gets a chance to see it as well.


Anonymous said...

you guys should def. check out the preview and title page at http://www.radicalpublishing.com/titles/comics/time-bomb