Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Changing up Studio Yoakum

Spent a little time to change up the wall in Studio Yoakum. here is a quick pic of the wall o' artwork after changing out the art in the frames. Now up are:

- A George Perez/Pablo Marcos page from Avengers #167

- A two page spread from Sandman Mystery Theatre by Guy Davis

- the final page of Wardancer #3 by Weiss and myself

- A Rusty and the Big Guy sketch from Darrow

- an Invisibles page by Fegredo

- an old Iron Man page by Tuska and Johnny Craig

Inking page 19 of The Human Hourglass as we speak. Almost done!


Todd Miro said...

I'm still jealous over that Perez Avengers page...

inkdestroyedmybrush said...

i tend to feel that way over your jamie hernandez page...

Todd Miro said...

A trade perhaps?

Frank Turner said...


Love the SMT spread, im a HUGE Sandman fan and love Guy's work on the series, check out some of my collection here,

Should you the page ever be for sale or trade PLEASE let me know, plus if you have any others always looking to add more, especially to key stories or issues.

Any chance of a close up pic as Guy Davis is a master of background detail and period touches.



Rich Martines said...

I recall about ten years ago talking with you at a San Diego. We were looking through the art at Albert Moy's table and talking about our search for a nice twice up Kirby/Sinnott FF page. I haven't found mine yet and I wonder if I ever will. So many reside in France and are not likely to reach the market again. Did you ever find yours? Love you site. And thanks for showing how you display your collection.

inkdestroyedmybrush said...

good memory rich. I recall the discussion. drop me a line at my regular email so that i can update you. charles.yoakum -at- gmail.
I did end up purchasing a twice up page, one that I'm really happy with.

I rotate this "exhibit" somewhat often. This seems to be a popular post, the next time i rotate the collection i'll take another pic!