Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Human Hourglass wraps up at APE

Finally will be finishing The Human Hourglass and presenting it in Ashcan form at APE this weekend in SF. If you love alternative comics you owe it to yourself to come on by.

Alex Sheikman, of Robotica fame, and myself will be sitting Sat and Sun at booth 655, so swing on by!

Here is a panel from the last two issues of The Human Hourglass as I work on it just to tide you over til the last two pages are done. The final panel is actually in and done, but i never work on the pages in complete sequence, so jumping around allows me to work on a different place while the ink is drying elsewhere. I know that most artists do that. I also know that Jack Kirby didn't. Bastard genius.


Wrath Comics said...

Mr. Yoakum! This is Brian Soriano, (the guy who stared at your originals intently at APE) I finally had a chance to get around and read your fantastic book and it was great! I loved the ink work and the narration and story, just fantastic. Perfect example how comic noir should be done! It was also a pleasure meeting you at the expo and thank you for all your advice on inking, I certainly walked away with a handful of knowledge!

inkdestroyedmybrush said...

Thanks Brian, best of luck on your own work! It was a fun show to go to. can't wait to do it again next year.