Friday, November 18, 2011

Sketch A Day #2: Steranko-esque head

Not a clue as to why this head reminds me of the '60's Jim Steranko, perhaps because i had pulled out that collected Captain America book to scan...

I dunno, sometimes this stuff just comes out of your brain and on to the paper.

Using the Koh-I-Noor Woodless Colour Pencils that
I've fallen in love with. I grab them when I go out into the world with the sketchbook.

I want to eventually post a review of the monstrous Paul Levitz DC coffee table book, but I realize that I'm reading it with a completely different criteria than it was written with, so the review is essentially moot. I can't square the sanitized version of the events presented in the book with the back story that we know from all the principals involved. Quite frankly, the back story, well covered in Men of Tomorrow and other places with the true originals of National Periodical Publications (Siegle and Shuster, Bob kane and Bill Finger, the Moulton menage a trios) are far more fascinating than the published comics.

I at least want more background, more artwork that we've not seen, want the editors of the book to simply take even more advantage of the sheer spectacle of size that they were working with.


I'll get to it, I promise.


Alex Sheikman said...

When it comes to the art, my complaint about the DC book is that it is mostly page after page of cover scans...that is pretty easy to find on the internet. I loved seeing one or two pieces that were truly unique (like the Superman sketch by Barry Smith from the miniseries that he proposed and that never happened) and I would have loved to have seen more (like pages from the never completed Superman Annual by Michael Golden).
Full disclosure: I don't actually own the book, but I borrowed it for 2 days from a friend, so it is possible I did not get the full scope of it in such a brief time.

Alex Sheikman said...

After looking at the sketch for a while I think that the Steranko influence came through in the pose. Steranko sort of drew close-ups if folks in a 3/4 profile, with just a little bit more "crank" of the neck and that is what you captured there.