Thursday, August 30, 2012

You did WHAT to my comics - Opening Sept. 9th

Normally the idea of someone taking an Xacto knife to their comics would have me shaking my head in frustration, and yet Isaac Brynjegard-Bialik finds a way to transform the pieces he cuts into striking, colorful Jewish themed compositions. He has a Northern California show in San Rafael with the opening on September 9th.

Its really, as you can see here, stunning, intricate work that has both a sense of playfulness as well as a much deeper layer of meanings, but only if you find yourself enough of a geek to recognize the texture of Johnny Storm's flame or the glow of a Lantern power ring being used in the service religious metaphor.

The reception will be from 4pm - 5:30pm, Sunday, September 9th at the Osher Marin JCC on North San Pedro Road. It is being held in association with the one and only Marin comic shop, Blue Moon Comics.

What is so fascinating to me is to see the comic book iconography taken and changed so dramatically with the context that Isaac put it in. It is one of the most amazing reimaginings of the panel work that I've see, and I've certainly seen a lot of comic book iconography appropriated over the last couple decades. Somehow, there is a spin to the design that never completely divorces the pieces from their past while at the same time allowing the visuals to become completely themselves.

For more visuals or text, check out Isaac's site here.

Its cool stuff. come check it out the originals. I'll be there, talking comics and having wine when i should be working on my stuff for the 2012 San Francisco Alternative Press Expo. Yes, I'll be at APE again this year with new work. Sharing a table with Alex Sheikman (of Robotika and Mouse Guard fame) again. More on this later!

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