Sunday, November 18, 2012

Can Mort Weisinger Be Redeemed asks Arlen Schumer

I have an answer for Arlen.


Weisinger and those early folks at DC Comics were evil and deserved to die long before they did. It still wouldn't have made a difference to the nearly blind and destitute Siegel, but it might have made him feel better.

"They kept sucking him in with stock options?" For all the horrible things that this man did to the poor creative individuals that had to work under him? Don't tell me, "Well, that's just how the business was back then." Bull. You can still make some money and you don't have to destroy the lives of the people under you just because you can. I don't care how unhappy this man was, He took it out on everyone around him and made their lives hell.

Forget about all the little contributions that he might ahve made to our favorite little nostalgic power fantasies. Simply look at how far from being any sort of good person Weisinger was. Viscious, belittling, emasculating, career destroying, eviscerating. Think, instead of this: without him ruining all the good stories and art that could have been done for Superman, think of how much better those comics could have been.

Read Men of Tomorrow, read what the artists and writers under him had to suffer through. And you'll never feel sorry again for him dying at a mere 63. All that evil, rolled into one insufferable man. and all because those poor people had the dream to work on a four color fantasy. And there was nowhere for them to go. Pay attention artistic folk, this is what happens: they die rich and you don't. And they hardly ever get their comeuppance.


Anonymous said...

I did read Jone's Men of Tomorrow(matched with Haduj's 10 Cent Plague they make the differentiate history of comics)but I did not walk away with a hate for people like Mort, or the Donenfelds, Liebowitzs, and Goodmans that run thur comics history. That hate existed in me before these books forced me to see that these men had a real hand(economically speaking) in the creation of these characters we love. The story of Mort, specifically, had me looking at many of the dorks I've known in all my years of involvement with fandom. Many people who I have consider friends, where damaged people and Jone's writing not only changed the way I see Mort( have to admit he i one of my favorite personalities in comic book history) but allowed me to forgive a lot of individuals for passed slights. I do not forget what he did, it's just not so hard to forgive him.

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