Sunday, August 11, 2013

Drink & Draw with Dave Johnson @ Isotope Comics

None of the drinks got spilled, which is pretty damn good, when you consider the amount of alcohol that was being consumed at the Drink and Draw last night. Kirsten, our bartender, had a bevy of interesting cocktails to keep us either 1 - on our creative toes or 2 - on the floor under the tables. Take your pick.

The house got packed and the had folks spilling out on the street, which the local folks must love. i'm sure James Sime knows how to handle the noise when all is said and done.

Dave Johnson, founder of the Drink and Draw movement, along with Dan Panosian, was on hand to sign books and spent a great deal of time sketching some rowdy penises. Good man. Keep the drinks coming.

For my part, i knocked out the piece you see here, which keeping the alcohol further but no further than an arm's length. I inked and drew, all while holding a spirited discussion with Ted Naifeh, writer and artist of Courtney Crumrin over the best Batman artist of all time.

It was a great chance to see other artists at work, which can be rare, once you get out of school, to compare notes and get psyched by working around others.

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