Friday, September 06, 2013

Quick Sketch: Manhunter ala Walt Simonson

Finished my warm up sketch on my board, and i blame the subject matter all on Alex Sheikman, who is quite the Simonson devotee.

So, when last we hung out, Alex handed over a couple great Walt Simonson issues for me to read/study. Those, of course, got me to realize that it had been a number of years since i'd perused the astonishing Manhunter series that Archie Goodwin had written with Walt on art chores back in the 1970's Detective Comics.

Well, one cheap special edition later, and a number of hours poring over the amazing "Cathedral Perilous" chapter, I decided that i had to try my hand at their version of Paul Kirk.

Incidentally, I had started the initial layout on Jack Kirby's 96th birthday, and toyed with making this a 1940's Paul Kirk ala Simon/Kirby, but the modern era won out. Perhaps next time.

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Alex Sheikman said...

I love it! Wonderful folds, easy movement and nice solid shadows.
By the way a piece of trivia: the tourists in the first two pages of that (Emma, Henry, and Nico) also appear in Marshall Rogers "Foozle"...small world :)