Monday, December 23, 2013

Sketch A Day #4 - Woman's Face in Shadow

A new sketch on the very lovely tanned paper.

So here is the deal. I hate the sketchbooks section of the art magazines. Do you know why? Because the sketchbook is the place that you can make mistakes, take chances, screw up and its OK. By cherry picking the best of the Adam Hughes sketchbook, or the Kevin Nowlan sketchbook, what we end up with is even doubly defeating to artists like myself.

Because what it says to us is, "Not only is their finished work better than yours, but their sketches are practically flawless." Not fair, not fair at all. So the deal is, for the next year, I'll show you all the sketchbook pages, warts and all, and i won't hide even the stuff that I'm utterly embarrassed by.

Thats the sketch a day manifesto here.

Today's sketch (well, actually from last night) has its problems.


Micah Champion said...

You are a brave, brave man.

Seriously, though, artists mislabel their--whatcha call'em--personal work or, maybe, "B-sides" as a sketchbook. Looking a their sketchbooks intimidates, especially as kids. It really stymied my sketching because I saw it as a standard.

Luckily, I become disabused of that illusion, even though Hughes', Charest's, Immonnen's, etc. actual sketchbooks are still head and shoulders above mine.

Happy Holidays!

Alex Sheikman said...

I always thought of "sketchbooks" that are sold at conventions as a cheap way for an artist to make something that the fans can buy for a little bit of cash and that gives the fans a glimpse into what the artist likes to draw when he/she is not drawing the particular characters that made them famous. I never really thought of them as real "sketchbooks". The first time I saw a real sketchbook, was when I looked through one of Mignola's "Hellboy Library Editions". There were just some scribbles that worked with shapes more than actual details...of course right next to them were his rejected cover designs that were full on finished drawings. Both were fun to see.
What you are presenting here are far from scribbles, you are trying to work out structure and balance between light/shadow and thus ending up with pretty finished drawings. I love the fact that you are willing to share them with us, even if you are not totally happy with every detail, because it shows your artistic journey, and that is pretty exciting to see.