Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sketch A Day #12 - Adam Hughes Tonal Study

Found a great Captain Marvel piece by Adam Hughes on the web, and wanted to do a version with some of the similar tones on the toned paper to see how it would work. This uses both cool grey Copic markers and warm grey Copic markers on tonal paper with pencil, india ink and PH Martins white ink. While not entirely successful, this was an interesting experiment. thanks Adam for all the advice on working wet on wet with the Copic markers.

And please note that I believe Adam's piece to be infinitely better than mine, in both design and execution. He's a master at this stuff, so its just nice to have someone so solid in this type of work to look after for some ideas.

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Alex Sheikman said...

Nice. You make it sound as if this was no big deal, but trying to duplicate a technique like that can be very challenging...I tried and failed many times.