Saturday, September 23, 2006

All Hail the Comic Book Rack

This makes me very happy. I finally got this just a few days ago and I've been repopulating it with classic comics, mostly bronze age stuff. It just looks so right to my eyes, seeing old Strange Tales, Astonishing Tales with IT, The Living Colossus (as if a dead colossus had any chance of garnering an audience), old Fantastic Fours, Marvel Team-Ups, Don Heck Daredevils, Tuska Iron Mans, and the new DC Scooby Doos.

My 5-year old daughter came out the next morning and immediately started to spin the rack and check out the comics. Made my heart proud to see it!


Shamus said...

i have wanted one of those since i was a kid. iknow exactly what you mean about that feeling right.Where did you find it?

inkdestroyedmybrush said...

ebay, of all places, search "comic rack" or "comic spinner". There have more than a few up for auction over the last year or two. the wierd thing is that most sellers will say in their description, "oh, UPS says its over size and too difficult to ship, so local pick up only." I own my own business and know that this is wrong. The seller had no problem packing it up and it took only 3 says to get from Idaho to Ca. i have no idea why so many of the sellers can't be bothered to deal with the shipping.

vintage '73 baby! jungle action #6 with the black panther looks good on the rack! Good luck finding one!

Kid Sis said...