Tuesday, September 12, 2006

working away on... well, its a secret...

Ok, been a busy last couple of days with the wife gone on a business trip and me being daddy to my two great daughters, but i've been putting some late hours in the studio as well once my offspring are safely tucked into their beds. I'm sworn to secrecy on what this image might be used for, but I like the way it came out, so I'm sharing it here.

In the creative process mode, its interesting how necessity is truly the mother of invention. I had to work quickly on this and a few other comps, and I ended up creating a new process that allowed me to work up a sketch, create some copies and tone them up with old decidedly low-tech but effective prismacolor markers. And trust me, these are prismacolor markers from the last century. I did the tonal effect that the markers get when layered while they're still wet. Cool.

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