Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Newsarama: KISS Meets the Phantom of the Vishanti

When it comes to stuff like this, I just have to say something. This from a Newsarama article/interview with Simmons and Stanley of KISS about the new comic coming out:

GENE SIMMONS: (When it comes to comics) We can quote psalm and verse. For instance, I can tell you just about every title that Steve Ditko drew and inked, including how he also inked Jack Kirby’s Hulk.

Unholy was our idea about a malevolence that is kind of a next door neighbor to Steve Ditko’s Nightmare from Doctor Strange, maybe he also has a little Baron Mordo and some Eternal Vishantu with some Hoary Hosts of Hogarth.
Yes, thats right. The Hoary Hosts of Hogarth. Not Hoggoth like the Vishanti would like them to be called. But the Hoary Hosts of Burne Hogarth, Tarzan artist extraordinaire.

What is scary is that Simmons and I know the difference, for Dormammu's sake, but Newsarama doesn't.


RAB said...

Wasn't it Hoggoth? As in, just one letter off from Shoggoth?

We're lucky it wasn't the Hoary Hosts of Hogwarts...

Funny thing about Simmons; he comes across in interviews as a generally unlikeable person, a ridiculously conceited prick, and an offensive misogynist...and yet he would probably be entertaining to have a beer and talk about comics with. So long as the conversation didn't stray to any other topic.

Anonymous said...

Not to put too fine a point on it...but that'd be Burne Hogarath's Hoary Hosts, which would be rendered in extremely accurate anatomical detail.

Pity about those Newsarama boys. Youth is wasted on the young.

inkdestroyedmybrush said...

er... post ammended to correct idiot spelling mistake that potentially messed up my joke!

Sorry about that. Good catch.

and yes, youth is wasted on the young, but not wasted in front of the old spinner racks!