Sunday, April 22, 2007

Alex Ross: The Bulge That Ate Chicago

C'mon, do we really need to get riled up over this?

And by this I mean the argument over whether Steel has a hard on or not.

Its clear that he has something going on down there, but I've seen waaaaaay too many homophobic blogs from men who would have no problem with prepetually erect nipples on Wanda and She-Hulk and labia hugging thongs on Fairchild of Gen 13 or the current Star Sapphire cringing over the moderate bulge presented here. Brian Cronin's description of the image as "creepy" is just bizarre. Don MacPherson even goes over the top with this line: And if one looks closely, it’s not just his fists and flesh that are hard as a rock.

As for those arguing that he has an erection, I have one thing to say: If you think that that is an erect penis, I feel very sorry for your significant others. Really.

With Ross here, we live and die by the International Male Photo Reference. Personally, I'm way more jealous of his abs. You know how hard it is to get that six pack?

I'm cool with it. Why's it buggin' you so much?


Elayne said...

Not to get too graphic, Charles, but yes, I think that's fairly turgid, and I'm speaking from personal experience in opining that this is pretty much what an erect penis looks like constrained within clothing.

Kid Sis said...

I'm cool.

Danny said...

I think I'd be more offended over Michael Turner's wet-dream Power Girl that appeared recently than this image. But then no-one whinges about those females (as you've pointed out). A bit of penis envy amongst the fanboys perhaps?

inkdestroyedmybrush said...

I'm certainly more offended by the bad anatomy of turner's power girl, more than the fact that she has large breasts, although they are clearly overdone.

this, on the other hand, qualifies as mildly excited to me more than anything. I guess that the sheer gall of having to deal with a male bulge as opposed to female bulges seems to be getting fan boys all in a tizzy.

And it cracks me up.

Lisa said...

He IS made of steel. Maybe it's like that all of the time.

But in all seriousness, to be fair, I think that this is just as bad as the women with perky nipples we see in comics so often. Perky is perky and the human anatomy can perk up sometimes - but it doesn't need to be on the covers of comic books. Yet we're supposed to accept the hundreds of covers with perky female anatomy and reject the man with perky anatomy. I say they're bot bad.

plok said...

Yeah, I was debating whether or not to make some comment on this on Journalista!, which linked to Chris Butcher's really funny "Afraid Of Cock" post...because what bugs me is that Dirk assumed Chris was saying that there's "something wrong with straight men who don't like to look at wang", which so obviously is not what he was saying...he wasn't saying there's something psychologically screwed-up with straight men because they don't enjoy gay porn, for example...before then confessing this aversion as a "hangup" anyway, and invoking the old "if your hangup's not hurting anybody" blah blah blah as a defense for not liking "to look at wang"...

And: holy smokes, eh? All that handwaving from just one picture!

Imagine if there'd been two.