Thursday, April 26, 2007

New Buying Habits: David Lapham's Silverfish

Newsarama has an interview with David Lapham, one of my favorite creators, and a fun guy to work with, and I can't help but plug that he has a new project out, a 155 page graphic novel called Silverfish.

I knew David from the days back at Defiant Comics, and was psyched to see him move on to doing El Capitan and Stray Bullets when Defiant closed its doors. Inking Plasm #7 over his pencils was incredibly cool and I wish that I had see it get better coloring and printing than it eventually got.

Stray Bullets was a great kick in the head and deserved all the praise that it got. David and Maria got it right first time out of the door.

I've not run into David in a couple years now, but he's a great guy who deserves all the success in the world. Go pick up his book, vote with your dollars on buying the good stuff and supporting creators who deliver the goods on both story and art.
This would be a great month to not buy that Marvel or DC book that you've been buying out of habit.

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