Friday, June 22, 2007

And You Shall Know Us By The Trail Of The Comics...

Among the detritus that I was sorting through was an 8 page comic of a story that I've been building in my head for years and years.

And its a corker. Lemme tell ya.

And its rough and back then I can't draw mouths to save my life, and I still like it.

Back then I'm trying to create depth with white line letraset (LT 294 maybe?) which you can see on this page as opposed to going into photoshop and doing it in a much sleeker fashion.

And I still love it. I was creating a story that I wanted to read.

I've scanned the page in (warts and all, no fixes) a few pieces as my scanner isn't big enough to do the whole page at once. It makes for a few bumpy transitions. Sorry.

Copyright @ 1991 Charles Yoakum on this one.

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