Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Quick Hits: Master Darque and Shadowman

Just a couple of things while I work on the charity pieces for Super Con in San Jose. Given that I had the chance to touch a lot of the characters in the original Valiant Universe, I've had the fun of revisiting them via commissions, one or two I thought you might find interesting.

This, a Master Darque/Shadowman piece was done pretty big, 14x17, and I fought the paper all the way with the washes (until I was tipped off that I was using the wrong paper). personally, I can't stand the Shadowman character, never did anything for me and the costume is a pain, but Master Darque is a great villian, and almost more fun and menacing to underplay slightly with all the tattoos. I like his thinness in contrast to his power. I really enjoyed doing this piece, except for that damn paper....

Comin' next - more Valiant pieces and a look at the Michael Golden and Adam Hughes pieces I'm inking up!

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