Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Coming Art: Michael Golden at Super Con

Have not a clue what this Michael Golden piece was originally done for, nor do I really care.

What I'm completely psyched about is the opportunity to put brush to paper to ink the thing. The scan at left is a detail from the photocopy of the original pencils. i've darkened it a bit in photoshop to make sure that it shows up well. The original, inks and all, will be up for auction at Super Con in San Jose. Get off your butt and go there. I mean, really, Golden, Frank Cho, Adam Hughes... how many more stars do you need?

Michael Golden may, for some, be a contentious figure. He is, however, a superb artist and was, at least to me, a star from day one at DC with his Man-Bat and Demon in the Batman Family books. They were raw, true, but they were bursting with originality and power and a great eye. Over time, he has developed other unique looks, and remains one of the true originals that we've seen over the last 30 years in superheroes. Bid well, bid often.

And for once, I agree with Todd McFarlane: Avengers Annual #10 is one of the crowning achievements in superhero comics books. Its just that good.


Anonymous said...

I have meet Michael Golden at the Heroes Convention. I was able to purchase a original piece of artwork that he stated that is was published but could not remember in which book. I was told by his agent (Rene) that she would get me the information. I have e-mailed her over the last 6 months a number of times and have not received word back. The artwork is great.. dealing with her is a mistake.

inkdestroyedmybrush said...

i've actually never met michael, nor had any business dealings with him. I respect him tremendously as a craftsman and an artist however, and i hate to hear stuff like this.

Anonymous said...

I hate to post this but still waiting word. I have nothing but high regards for Michael Golden as a artist. I do have a problem with his agent Rene. I feel if someone is going to sell something they should stand behind their word.