Monday, May 05, 2008

Coming Art: Adam Hughes at Super Con

A small sample of the Adam Hughes piece that many of us will be inking for the charity Art Auction at Super Con. I know that there are a few pieces floating around on the ComicArtFans site, but I wanted to post one here for everyone to check out. i'll post the finished inks now that I've got a new scanner that can do this large work!

The problem here is always the same with a penciller that gives you this much information: you can only mess it up if you're not paying attention. Adam has basically given you much of the line weight and detail, now you just have to pick and choose what to put in and leave out. Very different from the Michael Golden piece.

Which we'll see tomorrow.


Adam said...

any chance of getting a scan of the full image? I'd love to colour this.

inkdestroyedmybrush said...

adam, you may have already discovered this, but the full inked image is up on yesterday's post (may 14th, 2008). If you really like it, I have a full black and whhite scan as opposed to greyscale that i could share with you. drop me an email.

Adam said...

sent an email.