Friday, May 29, 2009

Rogers Art at Diversions of a Groovy Kind

Just a quick note to show my appreciation for Ol' Groove putting up his scans of the early Marshall Rogers work on the Calculator series over at his blog, Diversions of a Groovy Kind. Marshall was unique, and an incredible talent for this medium, and I'm so sorry that he's gone well before his time. Go check out the pages and realize that they're a couple of months before he literally redefined The Batman for an entire generation.

A couple of months.

And don't forget to also go over to YoComics to read the beginning of the black and white detective story, The Carnival: The Human Hourglass, with artwork not a little inspired by Marshall's underappreciated work on Detectives Inc.

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Todd Miro said...

Diggin' the YoComics!