Saturday, May 16, 2009

Super-Con: quick hits and first impressions

Back from San Jose and just about to crash. Super-Con was richly attended by artists, so the folks that came had a great selection of folks to talk to and artwork to check out. Essentially no original art dealers, but artwork to buy from the artists themselves. The best piece belonged to my table mate, the great Craig Hamilton, who had a simply astonishing full color piece with him showing off the entire Starlinverse. It was just breathtaking, the amount of work that Craig had put in. There are many more close up shots over at Craig's gallery. Certainly plenty of the other artists agreed, and spent time coming over to check it out.

One of the best things that the Steves who run Super-Con do is to put together a good mix of established stars and new folks and to mix 'em up. Our row of tables had a healthy mix of veteran and newbie, giving the convention goer a chance to see some new material while in search of some of their favorites. I was happy to be down the row from Craig Hamilton and Mick Grey, who is always good for some killer artwork and good music talk. And it that means a few more folks who saw the new flyers for, more the better. Besides being nice guys, its great to talk art with them and learn some new things.

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