Monday, June 29, 2009

Wizard's Keep Corrections: Coffee and Croissants

Tim Perkins over at his blog has been chronicling the beginnings, middle and probably the end eventually of Defiant Comics from his perspective.

He also remembered to take photos, which I never did, as those days were seared into my brain. But I'm glad that he had the smarts to take snaps, so that I now have a hard copy of as well on the internet.

I've shown up in few of his posts, but figure a little more prominantly in this one. Which, of course, I have no problem with until I got to this paragraph:
When Charles, who has a wonderful Californian accent, said he was going to order a coffee and a croissant on the way in I didn’t catch what it was he was going to get. That was down to the different pronunciations though. He was going to ask for a “cresahnt”, whereas I would have asked for a “quoissahnt”.
lets set the record straight: Californians don't have accents. We're just about the blandest speakers on the planet. But, yes, I do like croissants. So for a healthy heaping dose of mid-90's comics content, go over to the Wizard's Keep blog.

In the meantime, working on a new Red Sonja piece, as well as a few others. Scans coming soon!