Monday, June 08, 2009

Work In Progress: Panel 5, Page 7

Damn captions!

I guess that i have to put them in.

A fellow comic artist, (who i was going to keep nameless, but who the hell cares?) got on me for putting the captions and balloons on the artwork. I respect Bernard Chang's opinion, but I realized that i didn't like the new artwork without the story "attached". The artwork looks unfinished to me, especially when you realize that white of the balloons makes, along with the gutters, a great deal of negative space that needs to be accounted for on the page. i like to be able to balance that a much as possible, especially when the captions that i write get in the way of the layouts that i've drawn.

So yes, the artwork has the story included, and if I need to make a final revision in photoshop I will, but like an old DC or Marvel page, you can pick these up and get an experience reading them as well as looking at the pretty pictures.

Damn old skool thinking.

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