Thursday, November 12, 2009

Unused Layouts

They got this far before i started to rethink the information on the page. How much did i really need to show? Was this the most effective use of the third of the page?

I decided it wasn't. Partly because the action is in pantomime, and partly because it doesn't set up what happens to Lauren in the following pages. I do like the upshot of that would have been the second panel... but it was not to be. This is one case where the thumbnails that I was so sure would work really didn't once i got the page to full size. That hasn't happened too much recently, but this certainly is the case here.

1 comment:

Alex Sheikman said...

Wow, that upshot looks like it would have been a very (VERY) tough perspective drawing. Excellent composition, I hope you will find a place for it somewhere along the line in the future pages.