Sunday, November 29, 2009

Work In Progess: sketches for The Carnival

Not having a good time trying to make this figure work. Not sure why, I "saw" the body language in my head, but when I tried to draw it, the figure simply didn't work, making me wonder if I had perhaps exaggerated the movement in my head... resulting in a stilted and unnatural figure on the paper. The second scan if a more finished version of what i went with.

Anyone else ever have this trouble?


Alex Sheikman said...

Part of the struggle involved in making art is this translation from what you see in your mind's eye to paper...I have a feeling that everyone who has ever tried to draw, write, or compose something original has encountered this very same thing...I sure have.

I remember reading an old interview with Berni Wrightson in which he said that he sees his picture in his mind so clearly, he just feels that he uses his eyes as a "projector" to be able to trace the image on paper. That is a real talent.

Adam Black said...

I have this problem all the time. I'll sit down to draw a figure and realize halfway through that it would look better in a different pose.

Changing your mind halfway through the pencilling makes things look pretty goofy. And by "your", I mean "my". :)