Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Corporate Comics: bad art or bad direction?

We interrrupt the posting of a new bruce timm /yoakum piece for this bit of snark.

Is this professional art, or is this professional coloring? 'Cause it ain't professional drawing.

Recently I had linked to a black widow page of art work that was simply so boring and incompetent that i had to hold it up as an example of bad comic art. This piece is a totally different example of bad comic art. this one is far better about pointing the direction of where corporate comics might be going.

And its scary as hell, if thats the case. Someone channeling James Jean with no structure to the drawing at all.

I mean, look, we all started out apeing someone. But it used to be that you would be told to quit drawing like Kirby or Gil Kane or John Byrne and go learn how to draw. This seems like the perfect example of... well, just about everything bad.


Saranga said...

ok, that's beyond hideous.

I.Welsh said...

You think that's bad? John Romita Jr. has been on a downward spiral.


inkdestroyedmybrush said...

@I.WELSH - wow, that is bad. how the hell did that get through?

@ Saranga - i agree with you, but what is beyond the boundaries of hideous? Sounds like a forbidden land out of the Phantom Tollbooth.

Michael Wurl said...

It's so odd, it looks like this person has some talent, but absolutely no sense of design. What the hell is going on here? It looks like the artist(?)swiped 6 seperate images and threw them all together. They have no relationship to each other whatsoever, and what the hell are they doing? Size and perspective be damned!

Tried the JRjr link...must've removed it.