Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Sketch A Day #10 - Robert Fawcett Study

Pencil study from a 1946 illustration by the brilliant Robert Fawcett, the illustrator's illustrator. The book about him is just genius in that it gives lots of room for the art to speak, and certainly reproduces it larger and on better paper that it ever had the first time around.

We should all be so lucky, to have our best art presented in such a fashion.

After we're dead, and not getting paid for it again, and not around to enjoy it. But still, there you go. Fawcett kicked serious butt with his talent and, lets face it, hard work.

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Alex Sheikman said...

Nice shadow work (yet again). For an inker, who deals with intense black/white contrast, you got a nice touch with gray tones :)