Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sketch A Day #11 - The Shadow

Ok, some odd technical difficulties with the computer, as well as my daughter's 11th birthday party and a Joe Bonamassa concert... but mostly technical difficulties with the damn computer.

Inspired by Alex Sheikman's Shadow piece the other day, I pulled out some of the pulp material that i have and got inspired. Still not happy with the inking in part with markers, but it is for speed. also some brush work on this one as well, which i'm much happier with. Looking back at the published covers, i realize, again, how much i love George Rosen's work.

Hope this one was worth the wait.

Mirado Black Warrior #2.5 pencil, Lumocolor, Deleter #4 ink, colors in Photoshop

1 comment:

Alex Sheikman said...

Love it...you got the guns blazing and the signet ring and the empty shells and the face is just right and the color is cool...that is sweet!