Friday, February 24, 2012

Sketch A Day #28: Bad Night

Ok, so here is the story.

Nothing was working. Seriously, i did a whole steampunk woman in a cool costume that looked like complete and utter amateur night, worked two versions of her before scrapping all of them.

Did this sketch off of a profile pic of a semi-famous actress. Liked the mass of hair that she had up in back and all the strays that had gotten away. OK, decent sketch, tried to capture it about three different ways with markers, ink wash and ink.

They were all complete shit. Blew it up on the copier and put bristol over it and went to work with an HB Mirado black Warrior pencil and in 4 minutes had this.

So I quit. The rest is crap and, quite honestly, I'm not brave enough to scan them and show you how crap I am tonight. This is all you get today and its still not that good at all, lets face it. No idea why.

Going to Dr. Sketchys in SF tomorrow night with Alaina and Heather. We'll see how that goes.

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