Thursday, March 01, 2012

Sketch A Day #32 - Victorian Wonder Woman

 not entirely happy with this one, but there are some things that i like about it. This was the second pose for her and the one that i finally liked. The up shot on her face is tricky, and i'm going to go back to that until i get the regression in space correctly.

This was inspired by a cosplay photo of a Victorian Wonder Woman costume that i found on the great Fashionably Geek site. i fully admit that i never found anything that worked for me on the traditional WW costume. It simply made no sense as anything other than Marston's fantasy female dress-up. And that wasn't working for me on the comic book page (although the drop dead gorgeous, sexy and classy Lynda Carter was certainly working for me back in the 1970's) when it came to drawing her.

Running across this jpeg of the cosplay and another variation of the costume recently made me want to draw her just to do some versions that would make more physical sense in the real world.

yes, i know, i didn't get the bracelets right, and i'm not sure that the swoop of the material behind her is attached correctly. Perhaps if someone knows the cosplayer they can get a few more photos sent my way so that i can get the details correct. Thank you, whoever you are.

Amended to add - I was quite correctly pointed in the direction of, which is the home of the most amazing cosplayer, Riddle. Her victorian Wonder Woman page is here. Just clicking around, many of her other costumes are simply amazing as well, hopefully she won't mind my providing the link.

What is also killing me on the photo is the porker Captain America in the background. Man, that is funny.


GreyCleric08 said...

Greetings. I love the sketch. That picture looks like the famous cosplayer Riddle. This is her site with the WW outfit.

inkdestroyedmybrush said...

thanks so much! appreciate the info!