Monday, March 26, 2012

Sketch A Day #39 - No, thats not a perm

I'll be upfront about it: I keep doing the Wonder Women because, one, the costume is too much fun, but two, primarily, because i don't like the way that i draw women. So, clearly, one has to continue to draw women and work on it until you get it right.

This means that you do NOT just draw male superheroes punching the crap out of each other because you've never actually been with a real woman.

I know that I lost a lot of audience right there. Just go on back to watching Big Bang Theory and think, "I'd know how to get Penny." In the meantime, I'll continue to work on until they do things like have internal organs or spines that don't show their boobs and ass at the same time.

Speaking of which, its quite nice to see that on my Google stats, the term "Ms Marvel Boobs" has fallen from being one of my top ten search engine hits. Currently, however, "Naughty Wonder Woman" is trending.


Nice Jewish Artist said...

Sigh. Yeah, sometimes it seems like the "Naughty Wonder Woman" googlers are the only ones who show up. Back in the early days of blogging my old blog always had a lot of Google traffic from oddments we'd discuss, including:

underwear outside the pants
batman gets pissed off
Nighthawks parody
light a candle curse darkness
homeless birds
how to get toner out of carpet
learning to smoke
numbing the senses

So keep it up!

Also, keep up the drawing.

Alex Sheikman said...

Great drawing!