Monday, June 18, 2012

Quick Peek: Gulacy & Yoakum Storyboards

As you can see, i've been gone from the blogging world for over a month, pretty sketchy even with my history. Paul Gulacy and I have been hard at work on storyboards for an animated piece for Country and Western singer Toby Keith. Just wanted to share a few of the panels before the esteemed Paul Mounts gets his hands on them and makes them look 10 kinds of incredible.

edited to add: for color versions, click here!
yes, it was impossible to keep up my sketch a day with the addition of the freelance work that i picked up. sorry for any of you who were actually entertained by the drawings. they will resume tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Yes, I am a Toby Keith Fan I like some of the sketch BUT I think it need to look Toby

Abba Studios said...

Great work by you and Paul.hetuma

Bradley M. Lane said...

I am very excited to see the final product and thank you for the awesome work put in by you and Paul. I have been following Paul for years and everything seems to just get better and better. Fully satisfied here!