Friday, June 22, 2012

The Toby Keith Project: Gulacy, Yoakum & Mounts

Finished panels from the Toby Keith project with the astonishingly talented Paul Mounts doing the colors.

Wow. Paul and I never had it so good.

The animated piece is for the song "Beer for my horses", and is playing, so I understand, at a Toby Keith concert near you. If anyone goes and sees it at the show, I'd love to hear from them how it was presented.


Micah Champion said...

Looks great! I'm not a Toby Keith fan, so do you know if this is posted, maybe, on YouTube?

Jen said...

I saw Toby a few years back at the X and it was a great show! I think the part I loved the most was when he got out his red, white, and blue guitar and sang,and my cheap tickets . Then, they showed a Navyman on the screen.