Thursday, April 16, 2009

Captain America: Kirby & Yoakum for Super Con

I seem to be back in inking mode again right now, with the two Adam Hughes pieces out of the way, I've moved on to a 1982 Kirby piece for San Jose's Super Con 2009.

There are some other interesting pieces that will be blue line inked for the auction on Sunday, so keep your eyes peeled as I post mine here as I work on them. You'll also run across others on Comic Art Fans as well.

How to approach Kirby, and not prime Kirby (lets face it) either? I'm not a fan of the Royer method of giving Kirby what he drew with his pencil. I'm much more a fan of how Sinnott, Ayers, Giacoia, and Wood worked with Jack's pencils: you interpret them, not treat them as gospel. Those slashing pencil lines don't just mean slashes, or misplaced muscles, the're indicating a flow of force as much as anatomy. Giacoia did some great things over Jack on some fairly forgettable stories in the Tales of Suspense days, and that has been my inspiration on inking this. Perhaps you'll see it somewhere in there....

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Alex Sheikman said...

This is looking great! I look forward to seeing it inked for SuperCon.

By the way, we talked about Steranko a while back...I just happened to get a back issue of Heavy Metal (from 1981) and in it was a segment of "Outland" (film with Sean Connery) adapted by Steranko. Very cool.