Monday, April 13, 2009

Wonder Woman 2 by Hughes & Yoakum

The second commission piece, inking over an Adam Hughes sketchbook image. Fun in a lot of ways since Adam hadn't really finished and tightened the piece, which let me have a little more leeway in terms of actually interpreting them.

Almost finished here...

And "hello" to the one person who came to this blog, yet again, by Googling "Marvel Boobs".


Alex Sheikman said...

Very cool. I love how you got so many different weights in your line work...and it looks like you did it all with a brush! That is great.

Steranko's art is It has that "hip" vibe to it. What really gets me is how he plays with space and time in his storytelling. At first it looks like it's "cinematic", but after a while I realized that it is perfectly structured around panel-to-panel storytelling. "Red Tide" is a lot more sophisticated when it comes to drawing than anything that he did for Marvel, and it's real nice to see him do the high contast illustration...anyhow, lots to enjoy and learn from.

Definitely stop by the Archaia booth in San Diego, I would love a chance to talk some more about art. I am also going to have a table at SuperCon in San Jose next month, so if you are attending I hope to see you there.


Kid Sis said... it just me or does that totally look like Sophie's face??

inkdestroyedmybrush said...

yes, she does... but that is the way that adam drew it... um... a slight slip of hte pen and she's soph?

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