Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Once Upon A Process...

Everyone has been supportive of my struggle to find lines and finished artwork that I find both meaningful and professional, so I'm posting a few things that are on the board right now: a page of script from Pistoleras by Lis Fies with my thumbnails all over the place,

then a tracing page of rough layouts for The Human Hourglass Page 10,

along with another tracing paper where I tighten up panels 1 and 3. From here I will pencil via the lightbox onto the bristol then ink!

Does this seem simple? It is very possible that most of you will look at this and think, "That is likely the most convoluted and wasteful process ever seen in the history of artkind." And you might be right. It is, however, getting me closer than i used to be to doing work that I like. I was, until recently, photocopying or scanning the thumbnails and then blowing them up to get some of the proportion that i liked. i've also photocopied the pencils and then hit them with Sharpies trying to get the blacks spotted correctly.

I will likely repost page 10 when finished with all the associated sketches so that we can have an old fashioned"compare and contrast" as they used to say at the end of each chapter in a textbook!

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Alex Sheikman said...

Wow...I read the script page and was shocked. There is so much stuff going on on that one page of script that is you were going to follow it closely, it would be 4-5 pages of panel to panel (unless you pack 8-9 panels per page). Good luck with that!

NIce lay-outs, looking forward to seeing the finished page.