Friday, March 15, 2013

Blade Runner: Producer's Notes - January, 1982

And our next little bit of priceless paper comes in the form of producer's notes from Blade Runner. Yes, the acknowledged, albeit troubled, classic film.

Anyone who knows me knows the level of involvement I've had with the history of this film, and all its various problems and editorial iterations. I've been obsessed with it for 20+ years since Todd Miro and I saw it opening week in a huge empty theatre. The fact is, given Future Noir and the documentary releases and the Blu-Ray Voit-Kampf set and having my own PK blaster, I think that i'm finally over it. Its brilliant and amazing and still has flaws, flaws that make me love it all the more, but I don't need any more data on it.

Until now.

The one pager, with the producer's notes, belongs in my Blu-Ray box set. It is, in fact, required reading.

"This movie gets worse every screening."

By the people who were making the damn thing.

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