Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Photon Creative and the Zimmer Whiteboard Animation

Notes on whiteboard animation: OK, this is kinda tough. Its like time lapse performance art.

Working on a whiteboard is like trying to coax sensitivity out of a hammer. The markers aren't particularly well made, nor are there a lot of variations that you can purchase. We purchased all of them, and i similarly abused the hell out of the tips of said markers.

The work was being done for Photon Creative in San Francisco, under the direction of Ed Carden and Brandon Butrick for Zimmer, whose artificial joints are pieces of insertable art. Seriously, the artificial knee joints that they make are like holding new Apple products.

We worked small, then larger and tried to capture all the coolness of the initial sketches in the final product. I'll post the link when the final is cleared for public consumption. If you've see RS Anime's work in this, I think that we did some different things and pushed the form more than a little bit.

Now, its back to brushes and india ink and some slightly more traditional work...


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