Monday, March 11, 2013

What have you been doing? Glad you asked...

A little of this, and a little of that. working a freelance whiteboard animation project that more than doubled in scope along the way. I'll post more on that.

Wanted to do a little housecleaning in the studio however, between projects. Found this experiment mixing ink and gouache and trying, in vain, to find the right paper. Finally emails J.G. Jones who directed me, in about 2 seconds, to the right stuff. While I never finished this one, I like what i learned from it.

Planning ahead is the key. Know what your values are and stick to them. Cap works completely with teh light source, which i could have dimmed if i needed to. the Skull does not work, as i let the values bleed into each other and the entire head flattened out. bleh.

Plenty to talk about with comics over the last 5 months, no question, but for now i'm trying to jump back into the second issue of The Carnival and dive back into my usual stuff, as opposed to whiteboard markers.

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