Sunday, August 05, 2007

in Review of: Quasar #1 by Gage and Lilly

Delightfully cosmic is the key word here. And we live in the world that Starlin and Englehart created, generations ago. Mantis, the celestial madonna, is over in Star Lord, while the daughter of Captain Mar-Vell snogs Moondragon near the priests of Pama who have one of the Cotati at their hidden temple. While discussing the Elders of the Universe.

And to this I say: Yay!

And I didn't even mention the Super Adaptoid. Yes, the Super-fucking-Adaptoid.

We're on 4 issues into Annihilation:Conquest, and we already have 2 real winners (quasar and star lord), one just ok (nova), and one complete loser (wraith).

And, since we saw the spaceknights in the prologue issue, I have to say that I was really hoping that the Wraith book might have been a rogue Dire Wraith from the Mantloverse crossing over here. It doesn't seem that way from the first issue, but it still might go there. We'll see.

Gage's writing is fine, he has a lot to pack in, but it meanders less than your average '70's cosmic Marvel book, so that's actually a plus. Lilly's work as penciller is also solid, if a bit stiff at times. The only weak point that really jumps out is Bob Almond's inking. It may be a small nitpick, but I remember seeing Bob's originals when he was inking Sal Velluto, and I always thought that they had less weight that I thought that the pencil's justified. Here it's the same thing: Bob goes sketchy in some areas that I wish that he wouldn't. Just my taste I'm afraid. Peru's colors are pretty good here.

In any case, the story is moving along, and I'm for the duration on this crossover, for better or worse really, but i'm hoping better. the odds aren't too bad right now but a lot will depend on the overall defeat of the phlanx and how they archieve it, as well as what the political order will be when they're finished. And with the Skrull home planet destroyed, I have one question: where are all the Skrulls?

And does anyone out there know how the original Annihilation series is being collected?

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