Friday, August 10, 2007

In Review Of: Terry Dodson's French Album

Seen to the left is a post card from Terry Dodson's gallery work from a french comic, the title of which escapes me, as I cannot read French. Suffice to say that it is a beautifully rendered, very lush tits and ass romp with aforepictured blonde woman.

The oddity, and it reminds me very much of early cable TV in the United States, is that cable knew that it could show us breasts, but simply didn't, to mix my metaphors, have the balls to do so. The cable execs would hedge their bets and give us one of the most convoluted stories of all time to try and justify the excuse to show us a mammary gland or two.

Simply put, we hadn't evolved (or devolved depending on your viewpoint) to the Red Shoe Diaries. If Zalman King hadn't been born, we would have had to invent him.

But I digress.

Terry draws beautiful women, not weak women, or jailbait, or bizarre ideas of what a woman might look like by someone who has never actually seen a woman. They aren't Michael Turner women; even if they're large busted, they actually have internal organs and hips and bodies. I love that they move and flow and generally have eyes like Lynda Carter even.

So the oddity of the bodice and boobs story, like the aforementioned French volume, resorting to the bizarrely placed strands of hair to cover the nipples of the gorgeous protagonist is so... so Blue Lagoon. I find it an odd choice and I wonder who dictated that type of censorship: the publisher, the writer, Terry himself? Since I've run across other nudes that Terry has drawn, I doubt it was him. Did the publisher not realize the type of book that they were going to print? did the writer get cold feet at the last minute? Certainly there are very different standards of nudity and what constitutes line crossing in America and Europe, but the book is far tamer than most of the european albums brought over to this side of the pond.

Blue Lagoon. How bizarre.

And the art, yes the artwork, is really, really beautiful. I'll be digging around the galerie9art site just to look at some of the illustrations when I have time, since they have lots of beautiful scans, from artists that I'm very familiar with, and some that I'm not.

If some nudity offends you, then following the link would be a very bad idea, by the way. Not entirely work safe.


Kid Sis said...

Ah, Wonder Woman again.

It is stange they were worried about Brooke Shield's nipples, but didn't care the copulating youngsters were related...

And Zalman King is Evolution! I wouldn't have had a sex life in my twenties if it wasn't for him. God bless ZK for giving a fig about women, even if the quality of the shows was uneven.

Matt Brady said...

A while back, an online friend of mine from France commented on my blog and posted a couple links to a French Terry Dodson comic. I thought it looked pretty incredible, and quite different from his usual superhero art. I don't know if this is the same book you're talking about or not, but I'm interested to see that he's doing work over there. I wish more companies would import and translate French/European comics; there's a lot of quality work being done over there that we never see.