Thursday, August 02, 2007

San Diego Comic Con - Notes from the Aisles #1

Notes and Bits from the aisles of San Diego-

Walking the half of the Comic Con with actual comics was far easier than walking the gaming half. Funny that. Perhaps the comic people need to spin their half of the convention off into its own little get together.

There were far less people in armor with long offensive weapons that would stick out and trip you in the aisle ways. Thanks costume people!

At what point did women decide that it was a good idea to create a shelf on their chest? When did those bras start coming out?

Is it attractive to have a shelf if you're a "B" cup? Or an "A" cup?

The toys that are available today kick such butt on the toys of yesterdays that it isn't even a fair comparison. Not just the Bowen busts and figures, which are terrific almost to a one (although why anyone would want the Bowen Warlock mini-bust as opposed to the Bowen full size statue is beyond me), but the DC 52 and Infinite Crisis figures, both of which came home with me for my girls (Wonder Woman and Batwoman). Wow, great toys.

DC's decision to give away tickets to give away the Watchmen movie posters was annoying.

If you're going to give away stuff, giving it away with a bag is clearly a good idea. Except for the fact that those yellow Smallville bags were so gigantic that they could engulf several small children. I watched a number of people struggle to figure out how to carry them.

The Con organizers have ended up creating an art have/have nots section on the far end of the hall. Near the front area, we had the haves, Adam Hughes, J.G. Jones, Geoff Darrow, Mike Mignola, Terry Dodson, etc with purchased tables I'm assuming, and on the far end, the long narrow tables with artist upon artist desperately trying to convince the people to walk past them. Honestly, a new arrangement is needed to help those guys. (And somehow those aisles have or were controlled by an impossible woman who never, despite my going there as a professional for a decade now, was able to find a spot for me when I wanted one. Thanks for nothing.)

I feel bad for the SCA people who used to do their mock fighting on the 2nd floor back promenade, as they've now been exiled even further from the con with the expansion of the autograph tents. Sadly, they've started to take away one of my favorite little oasises of calm in the maelstorm that is the convention.

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