Thursday, August 24, 2006

Alias by Bendis & Gaydos

Just picked up the first alias trade paperback from Bendis and Gaydos, and enjoyed a good read. Oh sure, Bendis has been working this writing style for so long now that it basically is him almost going through the motions, but I like it on Powers, and i like him involving the peripheral characters from the Marvel Universe (not the current one, the classic one)and, sometimes, the more important ones (like Cap).

Why the hell are you just getting into this now you might ask. And it is a valid question. Umm, i guess that I kept meaning to find the trade in the half price bins at ComicCon and never did, and then I forgot that I was looking for it.

funny how far marvel has come, and how not far at the same time. opening a series with Luke Cage announcing, "I'm the scariest nigga ever was. Who's gonna fuck with me?" and then all the glorious Civil Wars screw ups... well, just kinda funny.


James Meeley said...

That explains the lateness, though. Luke Cage scared them into a petrified state of fear, so they couldn't get any work done.

he really IS the "scariest nigga ever was." ;)

Jake said...

I can't bring myself to read these any more. I have to just accept the fact that the Bendis I once read is gone forever and nothing is going to bring him back.

Sniffle... I have to go... it's gettng dusty in here...