Saturday, August 05, 2006

Maakies by Tony Millionaire

Another piece of art that I was able to acquire at this year's convention was an original by Tony Millionaire from his delightful Maakies strip. Amazingly clean art without a single bit of correction whatsoever, pretty good considering that he supposedly does all his art drunk.

I don't believe that for a second, to be honest, but there is no myth about his line control. Everything looks as good full size as it did shrunk down for the venerable New York Press, which was my bible when I lived in Brooklyn.

What is funny is that I used to live just down the street from Tony back in the day and never ran into him at any of the local bars. Too bad, since I respected his work tremendously, and would have been happy to buy a round or two.

Knowing Tony clearly could have been expensive in that respect.

This is an older piece of Maakie's art with all the perfect elements that I wanted in a strip: Drinky Crow and his bottle, some beautiful architecture on a building, and things blowing up in the end. You can tell its age by the fact that Tony has his old mindspring email on the strip. I do wish that he had dated it however. Perhaps one day I'll have the time to research its age.

I'm very pleased to see Tony get much wider exposure with his Sock Monkey work, but Drinky Crow will always be in my heart, constantly blowing his head off sick for love for Phoebe and booze, as the ultimate Tony Millionaire character.

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